Levy Steering

Troubleshoot your power steering problems with our DIGITAL MECHANIC

Flushing Instructions
Disconnect return line from the gear at the point it is attached to the integral or remote reservoir. Direct the return line into a suitable fluid container of eight quarts minimum capacity. Temporarily plug or cap reservoir return port tube or fitting. Fill resevoir with recommended fluid. Disconnect ignition system. Jack front wheels from floor. Restrain vehicle with safety blocks. Engage starter motor and turn wheels simultaneously to full travel unitil oil is no longer pumped. Refill reservoir and repeat. remove vehicle from jack, remove safety blocks, reconnect manufacturer's recomended fluid to capacity. Start engine and run for 30 seconds. Shut off enginge.

Fill (or refill) the reservoir to the cold fill mark with the manufacturer's recommended fluid. If equipped with a dipstick showing hot full only, fill with oil to just cover the filter.

Start engine and let run at idle speed for a couple of minutes. Cycle the steering wheel a few times to eliminate entrapped air. For pumps that have dipstick showing hot full only, allow the truck to reach operating temperature before stopping the engine. For units with cold fill marks, the engine may be stopped after cycling. Fill to indicated levels on sight gauge (some models) or dipstick (some models).

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