Levy Steering

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Filling and Air Bleeding
For steps 1 and 2 do not turn the steering wheel. Otherwise air may be induced into the system.

  1. Fill the reservoir to nearly full. Crank the engine for 10 seconds without allowing it to start, if possible. If the engine does start, shut it off immediately. Check and refill the reservoir. Repeat at least 3 times, each time checking and refilling the reservoir.

  2. Do not allow the fluid to drop significantly or run out of the reservoir. This may induce air into the system.

  3. Start the engine and let it idle for 2 minutes. Shut the engine off and check the fluid level in the reservoir.

  4. With the poppets properly adjusted to relieve pressure at the end of travel, start the engine again. Steer the vehicle from full left to full right several times. Add fluid as necessary to the full line on the dip stick. The above procedure should remove all air from the steering system, unless the gear is mounted in an inverted position and is equipped with a manual bleed screw. Commonly found with the TRW / Ross steering gears. If so, refer to STEP 4.

  5. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3. Leave engine idling. With the steering gear in its center porsition, loosen the manual bleed screw about 1 turn, allowing the air and aerated fluid to "bleed out" around the bleed screw until only clear (non aerated) fluid is bleeding out. Then close the bleed screw. A 5/16 inch socket is required. Check and refill the reservoir. Repeat procedure 3 or 4 times. Torque the manual bleed screw to 27 - 33 inch pounds.

Do not turn steering wheel with bleed screw loosened as this could allow air into the system.

Keep your system clean
We recommend that when either a power steering gear or pump is replaced:

  • All hoses and fittings are inspected

  • Fluid is flushed and replaced

  • All filters are changed

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